Thursday, December 19, 2013


It's been a few days since my last post. We are preparing to host Christmas for both sides of the family this year (though the only person able to actually be here on Christmas Day is my Mother In Law). But by the 30th we will have my parents, my mother in law, my brother in law and his girlfriend...all under our roof. OH! And husband's extended family is coming to our house (all...what? 25 of them?) on the 28th.

We moved into this house in April, and have never really thoroughly cleaned it, so I have a maid service here right now. Of course, that meant I spent the entire morning cleaning up in anticipation of having the maids in. How silly I felt! But I had to get all the STUFF out of the way so they COULD clean. I smell chemicals wafting down from upstairs. I guess they're doing something. I did close a few doors to indicate they shouldn't clean some rooms. Like, for example, my craft room/office. Not professionally cleanable. Too much stuff.

Oh, and they can't clean the basement either. We had a mold problem in the basement over the fall, which has been fixed...all but the floor. The flooring is supposed to go in before Christmas, but there's only 2 days for working! It's nerve wracking. If we don't have that space to use for the 28th, it's gonna be a very tight squeeze! And we intend to have that room available for my parents to sleep in on the 30th...

So much stress. I thought the holidays were supposed to be peaceful and reflective!

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